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Oldstyle (talkcontribs)


I got 200 credits

is this something I paid for, or it is free for the first time


thank u,

one more thing, I am a researcher if I apply to a job in kogence, how i will fit in the compay structure

thank you

Is there an application that I can install on my laptop, which will help submit the computation jobs directly to kogence?

no thank you

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

I must be a promotional credit. Please feel free to use to explore if Kogence HPC platform may be useful for you.

I am sorry, I am not qualified to answer that question. Can you please use the Contact Us link on the website to send your concern/question? Someone from appropriate department will get back to you.

You are welcome.

Once you get in touch with the HR department through the Contact Us link, they will be able to send you an application.

Is there anything else I could help you with?