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Foton1 (talkcontribs)

hello... i could not download the result file for pdos calculation (ni.pdos_atm#1(Ni)_wfc#1(s)).

It always appears error and command to sign in... what should i do?

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


For such model specific issues, in order to get fastest response, you should share the model with using the Collaborate tab of your model (with admin privileges) and then use the Discuss tab of your model to send a message describing issue and what help you need. Our application teams get notified and they will be able to get back to you within couple hours as those issues are handles with priority. These forum boards are for general platform usage questions.

Mukul (talkcontribs)

@Foton1, Did you need any further help with this? Can we close this ticket?