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Robz (talkcontribs)

This is the same person trying Chrome

Same problem

I see an input file

...and a "+" I guess to enter an other input file


OK....I will look for one

Can I delete this model?

Didn't want to have clutter in My Models if I can't use it


I am trying another example. Will it tell me when the job is running as it's at the point which says starting instance for running job

About how long with that take?

LAMMPS model of a 3D polymer Test

About how long will I have to wait to visualize?

Never is active now

Didn't seem to work too well

It told me the visualizer was active and I clicked on it. I got two small screens with status of what was happening then finally a message starting visualization. Then it went back to my user page. Move the mouse over visualize again and it won't let me

Never saw the visualization.

I didn't get to see anything

I though this was a graphical component

I have to leave. Thanks for your help.

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)


OK. Can you go to "Software" subtab and let me know what you see there?

What software are selected in the dropdown menu?

OH, that is the problem. As I told you commercial software need license to be associated.

You can try using some opensource software if you like to test the platform.

For example, you can try Octave, GAMESS, Quantum Espresso etc. There are many available.

No I cannot. But dont worry no one else can see it. You can just make it private in the "Collaborate" tab.

I am sorry, that is also part of paid account feature.

Please try using platform and make sure it solves your technical needs.

Once you think there is a value, you can upgrade to paid account for better feature set.

All you need to do is to go to My Teams page and purchase a team subscription.

Or if you are an enterprise user, you can upgrade to enterprise. That is our higest service level with full capabilities and white glove treatment!

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Yes, its will say "Visualizer is live".

If this is a job that has some graphical components then those graphical components will open inside the Visualizer tab on top right corner.

If it is just a batch script then it will execute and exit. Log files will be under "Files" tab. You can still click the "Visualizer" tab and you can see progress there.

About 2mins.

By the way, if you stop and then make some edits and restart simulation then there will be no wait and it will come right away.

This means that simulation ended. It was not configured to hold the machine. By default platform is setup to automatically terminate machine when simulation ends.

You can go to "Files" tab and you will see log files that will show that it completed. All results will also be there.

If I like to hold the machine, you can do that as wll.

There are many ways to do that.

You just need to open a graphical component that will hold the machine until you close the graphical component.

Here is an easy way to do that.

Go to "Software" tab. Click "+" button. Add add a software called "xterm" or "gnome terminal".

Then machine will not terminate automatically because xterm never terminates until you close it manually.

Sure. Thanks for trying Kogence.

Feel free to ping us again if you need further assistance.