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ChijiokeMokogwu (talkcontribs)

I have challenges in running Quantum Espresso. An Example command for my project (mpirun -np 4 pw.x < HfPtPb.scf.in > HfPtPb.scf.out) does not run. Secondly the step-by-step documentation online does not work. Please help me out.

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


Easiest way to get started with Kogence is to fork/copy an existing model and then modify the input file.

Take a look at this model for example: Band structure and charge density in 110 plane of Si

First, you dont need to wrap commands with MPI. We take care off MPI, OMP, Job scheduling etc automatically.

Secondly, on kogence, we provide input to quantum espresso as a shell script. Look at the Files tab of the above mode https://kogence.com/app/jobs/files/view/-316%5EBand_structure_and_charge_density_in_110_plane_of_Si%5E-1983582855%5Erun_example.sh

Take your input file and paste it between line 90 and 130.

You might have to change a paths and/or names of pseudopotentials etc.

Let me know if you have any further question.

ChijiokeMokogwu (talkcontribs)

Give me another 2 hours

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


Is your issue resolved?

ChijiokeMokogwu (talkcontribs)

Let me say this. My problem has been resolved. A big that to Kogence and you all who help out. I am grateful. Kogence especially has made history, over here in Nigeria where I am from. I want to say thank you

ChijiokeMokogwu (talkcontribs)

Also thank Mukal, I would not have done it without you.

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


We received your query on Kogence.

What problems are you facing with upload?

1/ Make sure you are logged-in.Try logging-out and logging back in.

2/ Make sure you own the model. You can only upload files in your own models or models shared with you. If you are using a public model from Model Library then make sure you first copy the model.

Let us know if you are still having issues. Posting your question in Forum will get you quicker help.

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


Does @Admin0 reply resolves your issue?

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


Which software are you using?

Generally speaking, if you go to files tab, you should see ___titusiOutput file. Depending upon which software you are using, you may have time stamps in that file.

You can also start your job on a terminal and put your own "tick/tock" type time stamps.

Let us know if you need more help? We can show you how to do that.

Mehdi (talkcontribs)

Hello, my question concerns the use of the credits. If 1cpu credits = 1 cpu for 1 hour, how can i use the 200 cpu credits in term of number of cpus and hours, for exemple can i use mor than 1 cpu for more than one hour ?

thank you

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


We have single nodes with multiple cpu's. For example, if you run a simulation on a single node with 8 cpu for 2 hours then you will consume credits.

You can also do cluster computing. Kogence clusters scale-up and scale-down automatically depending upon the job you submit. Lets say you submitted a job that needs 10 node cluster with 8 cpu's each and each node runs for 2 hours. Then you will need credits.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

KogenceDemo (talkcontribs)

Hi Gauss

I would like to create a new Team but I got the error:

Attempting to update account with no reference id: SaveAccount(None,true,Photonics,some account,false,List(AccountUser(None,adophobr@gmail.com,true,false)),List(),List(AddedCredits(None,2714,0,1,true)),List())!

KogenceSupport (talkcontribs)


Please try again. This issue is resolved.

Make sure you do add @KogenceDemo as one of the team members with admin rights.

Please let us know if you are still facing issues.

KogenceDemo (talkcontribs)

@Adophobr your trial will expire on Monday. Let us know if you need any further assistance.