The First of its Kind: A Supercomputing Simulation Hackathon

  Challenge Registration

  1. Click on the button on the top corresponding to the Challenge you want to Register.
  2. There is a Registration Form at the bottom of the corresponding Challenge webpage.
  3. Use that form to register for the Challenge. Signing Up on Kogence does not mean you are Registered for Challenge.

  Submission :

  1. All projects in Kogence are organized as "Models".Each "Model" has three tabs: "Wiki", "Files" and "Discuss".
  2. Your submission should be a new "Model" with "Private" settings in the "Collaboration" tab. Please privately share your model with in the "Collaboration" tab. For making a submission, you would simply send link to the Wiki page of your "Model" to and cc marked to
  3. Make sure you "Edit" the "Wiki" page of your Model as nicely as you can. Documentation, results and visualization shown in the "Wiki" page are the some of the most important elements in your Submission that our judges will use to select Winners.
  4. Challenge Webinar