Why Kogence?

We are die-hard scientific modeling and simulation scientists. We love to develop mathematical models of complex physical phenomena. We believe all of us, the curious kind, like to showcase, share and discuss simulation models we develop. On Kogence, you can search, browse, execute and latency-free interact with the graphical results on the browser of any personal device. While someone is exploring your models, you automatically collect scholarly credits and citation for your published archieved journal articles.

Kogence brings supercomputing infrastructure to the web browser of any personal device. We enable engineers, researchers, scientists and students to collaborate, rapidly iterate and execute their models and simulations on supercomputing infrastructure as needed with zero setup.

Our mission is to empower rapid innovation and scientific discovery by removing all distractions that prevent organization’s most precious talent from focusing on most precious problems. We firmly believe that when smart people work together and focus on actual scientific challenges, the unimaginable happens and wonderful products are invented!

Our Team

Mukul Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal held various positions in Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, SunPower, Silicium Energy, Stanford Linear Acceleration Center and Center for Research in Microwave Tubes. He brings 20+ years of experience in scientific simulations from variety of application areas including photovoltaics, LEDs, thermoelectrics, graphene, quantum physics, optics, microwaves, semiconductors, and IC design. A highly published and cited scientist, Dr. Agrawal holds a PhD in EE from Stanford and a BS in ECE from Indian Institute of Technology.

Sunil Sandhu

Dr. Sandhu is a highly cited innovator and a well-recognized expert in photonics research within the high-performance computing (HPC) community. Dr. Sandhu brings years of experience in software development and managing high-performance supercomputing clusters. Dr. Sandhu’s published research includes high-impact factor journal articles in nanotechnology, solar energy, wireless energy transfer, and photonics. He holds a MS and PhD in EE from Stanford University and a BS in EE from Christian Brothers University. He also held a Postdoctoral fellowship in EE from Stanford University.

Vish Narayanan

Global Architect and technology leader at General Motors in data center, telecom and networking technologies with 30+ years’ experience driving innovation and technology vision in partnership with the businesses. Vish brings his global experience in architecture, design, project management, operations management, managing IT budgets and portfolio management to the team at Kogence to drive growth. Vish holds a BTech from IIT, MS in Computer Science. Mentor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Raj Abhyanker

Raj is a successful leader and serial entrepreneur founding multiple starts throughout his career. Raj is the founder and CEO of Trademarkia, an ecommerce company with more than 55,000 clients in more than 80 countries around the world. Previous to Trademarkia, Raj was the CEO and co-founder of Fatdoor/The Deal Map, which was acquired by Google in 2011. Raj holds BSEE, MBA, and JD degrees from Arizona State University and studied in the graduate school of engineering at Stanford University. He is also a distinguished speaker at elite law schools including Harvard Law School, at Stanford Law School, and at the University of California at Berkeley.

Coy Gupta

A data-driven leader with extensive success in driving change and continuous improvement via complex enterprise level programs. Coy has led global digital and BI initiatives for NBC 2016 Olympics, Obama 2008, Toyota and start-ups with great success. He is an innovative design thinker as well as and technical leader with cross-functional and regional experience in securing adoption to tangibly affect business performance.

Our Partners