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IyorzorBenjamin (talkcontribs)

I have in 3 attempts tried to use pw.x ph.x and q2r.x to calculate phonon but i have not received any good result. In the first 2 crash results, it complained of name list ...inputph, while in the last result i got nothing reasonable. Please i need the template for this job. Thanks.

Please can somebody respond to request, i am still waiting.

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


Please go to collaborate tab and add admin@kogence,com as a collaborator with admin privileges. We will take a look.

IyorzorBenjamin (talkcontribs)


thank you, i succeeded to purchase the 200 credit now. Thanks.

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

Thanks. I am still online. Let me know if that goes through.

I am glad that worked. Thank you for your patience. I would record a ticket to improve error message shown to users.

IyorzorBenjamin (talkcontribs)


my individual computer plan


Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

Which plan were you purchasing?

Team plan or Individual plan?

OK. Let me assign this ticket to technical team. Please give me 2 hours. I will get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

BTW, did you purchase in past. Did it every work for you? Our technical team says that it is working fine for them from test accounts.

IyorzorBenjamin (talkcontribs)

I want to buy more credits for my job, but i have forgotten the process. Please i need your help.

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


Click on avatar on top right corner. Go to My Compute Plans. Click purchase.

Professortrex (talkcontribs)

how can I monitor the status of my nwchem job?

ok. it says "init"

about 10 min


ok, sorry

NWChem, 8CPUs 15 GiB Memory (Intel Xeon, Haswell)

OK, I added admin. Thanks!

thank you. that got farther than previously. I'll try to correct the error and restart

oops, too late. I fixed the issue and hit Run

Simulation was submitted... RunJob: Running simulation in cloud... Info: RunJob: Looking for machine ... RunJob: Started instance for running job.

not yet. I still see the "init" state

ok, it ran. thanks!

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

Click on Avatar on top right corner. Then click My Models.

It will show if your job has started running. Once it has started running, the Visualizer button will become active.

You can click to connect to remote server running your job.

How long back did you start the job?

Remote server should boot up within 3minutes.

Give me 1 minute. Let me ask technical team to check.

Can you send me a screen shot ?

Can you include the browser address bar as well on the screenshot?

Please send me the screen shot. I need to see other things.

Thanks. What machine and which software did you select? My engineering teams needs to debig this a little bit. Please give us 5minutes.

I have killed the job and reset the status of the job to error. Can you add a collaborator admin@kogence.com with admin privileges to the model? We will take a look and fix it. Apologies for the trouble.

Give me 30mins. We will get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

We tested the model. We can successfully run it. Server boots up properly. But your input file has technical errors. Please see the output here: https://kogence.com/app/jobs/files/view/-1793%5EMolecular_dynamics_simulation_of_solvents_using_NWChem%5E-1700677924%5E___titusiOutput

Can you try running it once more? I want to make sure that it also executes for you even though it will show errors. But machine should still come up and execute and it should not be stuck in "init" state.

Before you fix the error can you just try to restart the model from your account and let me know if you still see it being stuck in "init" state ?

No worries. Let me know if you see "Visualize" coming alive?

It will be there just for a second, because job might end with errors.

Can you refresh your browser?

Great. Thank you for your patience!

Pls let me know if you have any further problems. If job runs longer then you will have time to connect to Visualizer and interact with remote machine.

If you dont want machine to terminate with job ending then in the Settings->Software you can add a terminal program like xterm or gnome-terminal.

That will hold machine until you manually kill the xterm.

May01dz (talkcontribs)

The GAMESS calculation ended without error, but the output file does not contain the results:

WARNING: Published ports are discarded when using host network mode ----- GAMESS execution script 'rungms' ----- This job is running on host ip-172-30-0-115 under operating system Linux at Tue Mar 26 17:23:28 UTC 2019 Available scratch disk space (Kbyte units) at beginning of the job is Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda1 103073196 10851744 87928472 11% /tmp/gamess-QHtPyXXgeiDHi1PIXjILIcjfwxzdpMoY GAMESS temporary binary files will be written to /tmp/gamess-QHtPyXXgeiDHi1PIXjILIcjfwxzdpMoY GAMESS supplementary output files will be written to /tmp/user210/jobT778 Copying input file Pt3.inp to your run's scratch directory...

Distributed Data Interface kickoff program. Initiating 1 compute processes on 1 nodes to run the following command: /opt/software/GAMESS/V20APR17R1/gamess/gamess.00.x Pt3

SKumar (talkcontribs)


Send an email to support AT kogence DOT com. They might ask you to add them as admin in the model for them to debug this.

Phys (talkcontribs)

Hello, is there any problem with creation of a new model, I tried to create a new one but it's indefinitely loading and nothing happens. Best.

SKumar (talkcontribs)

@Phys, can you send some screenshots so someone could help? I have not seen any issues.

Phys (talkcontribs)

hello, can you help me, I have again the same issue with the initialization, the simulation log says 'simulation has been submitted' and stays lake that sometimes during 2 hours before starting and sometimes never starts (i'am working with quantum espresso). The name of the project is 'Test Dos Graphene'


SKumar (talkcontribs)

@Phys, In my my experience, you will need to contact kogence support. They are pretty good at killing such jobs quickly. I have not find any way of fixing this yourself. With me it only happens once before.