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Successahead (talkcontribs)

If I got a capacitor rated 630 volts and put one aluminum plate on either side. If I then charge the capacitor, the charges will be stored on either side of the polythene dielectric. the charged dielectric will induce charges in the two plates on either side.

(a) If I don't discharge the capacitor but connect the plates on the sides it will discharge/repel the charges similar to the adjacent plates of the capacitor. Do you think the outside plates will release equal to 30% power of capacitor in the middle? Can this be simulated in COMSOL?

JulietaGutiérrezOjeda (talkcontribs)

hi, I have a problem with a quantum program process, I want to run a example but I can not see the out files and I dont know if the calculations finish. Only I can see a "init" label in mi process

How I can stop or see the hystorial process?

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


Thanks for contacting us. Please go to the Collaborate tab of your Model and add admin@kogence.com as a collaborator with admin privileges. We will take a look and fix the problem.

RiMIRU (talkcontribs)

Hello. Yes, I have a question with one of the public example models

So, the model's name is Total energy and the band structure of Si, Al, Cu & Ni using Quantum Espresso. I just went through the files and ran the simulation itself and it is successful, however, it does not provide the file that contains the band structures of the materials themselves. It should end with a .dat


Or maybe I just haven't located the files

I am new to the platform


Yep. No problem

Thanks for the help

Yes. I did

But on neither the copy nor the original model the files with the .dat suffix appear

Yes, that is correct

Ohh ok. I also thought that the TMP_DIR was the issue

And then getting deleted immediately afterwards, right?

I tried replacing '$TMP_DIR/' for '.', in an attempt to save the files in the same folder and not send them to TMP_DIR

But it didn't work

All right

I'll try what you just suggested

Hahaha. All right. Thank you very much

I hope it works

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

How can I help?

Can you send me link to the model?

Pls give me a minute. Let me take a look.

Did you make a personal copy of this model?

If you look at the output file https://kogence.com/app/jobs/files/view/-140%5ETotal_energy_and_the_band_structure_of_Si,_Al,_Cu_%5E-1700677924%5E___titusiOutput

It says: pseudo directory: /opt/software/Quantum_Espresso/V6_1/qe-6.1/pseudo

I think you should not use the default system folder.

You should create your own folder inside the job folder and define $PSEUDO_DIR inside run_example.sh

Before you start the model, go to files tab and create a folder, say, Pseudo.

And then in the run_example.sh, you can just do PSEUDO_DIR=EXAMPLE_DIR/Pseudo

Or you can also use mkdir in the run_example.sh itself

Same thing for TMP_DIR

I think output is going in to TMP_DIR

&control calculation='bands' pseudo_dir = '$PSEUDO_DIR/', outdir='$TMP_DIR/', prefix='silicon'

When simulation ends, we sync only the job folder back to the web server (Files tab of your model). So data going into TMP_DIR will not sync back to Files tab of the model.

Try this. If it does not work, polease add admin@kogence.com as a collaborator with admin privileges in your model and then send us a message. We will take a look. My technical team can fix the model. I am not a material scientist!

AIGBEKAENEDDY (talkcontribs)

please could you help me with quantum espresso phonon input file to calculate phonon dispersion curve of metal in kogence format.

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


Does this help: Quantum Espresso Phonon Example ?

Otherwise, please add admin@kogence.com as a collaborator with admin privileges to your existing Model and we will set it up for you.

AlemayehuGirma (talkcontribs)

i need this software

Admin0 (talkcontribs)

@AlemayehuGirma, looks like we missed you on the LiveChat. Can you be more specific and describe which software are you looking for? List of software applications available on Kogence can be seen here: Software Library . You can also deploy your own software if you like.

Oldstyle (talkcontribs)


I got 200 credits

is this something I paid for, or it is free for the first time


thank u,

one more thing, I am a researcher if I apply to a job in kogence, how i will fit in the compay structure

thank you

Is there an application that I can install on my laptop, which will help submit the computation jobs directly to kogence?

no thank you

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

I must be a promotional credit. Please feel free to use to explore if Kogence HPC platform may be useful for you.

I am sorry, I am not qualified to answer that question. Can you please use the Contact Us link on the website to send your concern/question? Someone from appropriate department will get back to you.

You are welcome.

Once you get in touch with the HR department through the Contact Us link, they will be able to send you an application.

Is there anything else I could help you with?

HarilLian (talkcontribs)

hi you help me solve the init stuck problem before

but the problem happen again

I don't know how to solve it


I just run with the one you fixed


it shows the kogence rep will follow

just a kogence rep will follow up with you

it goes into init state

but it doesn't been launched

the model single height 5x5d 03 fixed

yep could you help me check with it

yes it is one of my model which corrupts before


#9377 is ok

#9376 corrupts

#9376 is the one shows error before

#9377 is the one which you fixed

but the model I run in #9377 stuck in init again for some reason

thank you!

Do you know how soon will it be fixed

yep thank you

Centaure99 (talkcontribs)

Did you make a copy of your old model?

We tried running and stopping it several times on our side. You cannot start it ?

Can you please tell me the exact message ?

I dont quite get the issue. What happens when you press the Run button?

Does it go into init state ?

This is really surprising. May be something wrong with your account. Let me have the team look at it.

We have not seen such problem with any other user. There are some 300 people using Quantum Espresso, I think.

But I will someone look at it.

Did you have issue with the simulation ID#9377?

Do you know the difference between 9377 and 9376? Knowing the difference may be helpful for the team to debug this.

OK. Will get back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. We need to look at it. I dont know what is going on here.

I am not sure. We should have some understanding of issue by tomorrow. This one is looking very weird. Same model that worked fine for us is not working for you. This is really hard to understand.

We will get back to you by tomorrow.

Foton1 (talkcontribs)

hello... i could not download the result file for pdos calculation (ni.pdos_atm#1(Ni)_wfc#1(s)).

It always appears error and command to sign in... what should i do?

Admin0 (talkcontribs)


For such model specific issues, in order to get fastest response, you should share the model with admin@kogence.com using the Collaborate tab of your model (with admin privileges) and then use the Discuss tab of your model to send a message describing issue and what help you need. Our application teams get notified and they will be able to get back to you within couple hours as those issues are handles with priority. These forum boards are for general platform usage questions.

Mukul (talkcontribs)

@Foton1, Did you need any further help with this? Can we close this ticket?