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Scikit Learn is a set of simple and efficient tools for data mining and data analysis. Its accessible to everybody, and reusable in various contexts. Scikit-Learn is built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib.

Typical applications of Scikit-Learn include:

  • Classification: Identifying to which category an object belongs to.
    • Applications: Spam detection, Image recognition.
    • Algorithms: SVM, nearest neighbors, random forest
  • Regression: Predicting a continuous-valued attribute associated with an object.
    • Applications: Drug response, Stock prices.
    • Algorithms: SVR, ridge regression, Lasso
  • Clustering: Automatic grouping of similar objects into sets.
    • Applications: Customer segmentation, Grouping experiment outcomes
    • Algorithms: k-Means, spectral clustering, mean-shift
  • Dimensionality reduction: Reducing the number of random variables to consider.
    • Applications: Visualization, Increased efficiency
    • Algorithms: PCA, feature selection, non-negative matrix factorization
  • Model selection: Comparing, validating and choosing parameters and models.
    • Goal: Improved accuracy via parameter tuning
    • Modules: grid search, cross validation, metrics
  • Preprocessing: Feature extraction and normalization.
    • Application: Transforming input data such as text for use with machine learning algorithms.
    • Modules: preprocessing, feature extraction

Using ScikitLearn on Kogence

You can either fork and modify an existing ScikitLearn public project or alternatively you can also start from scratch and create a new ScikitLearn project.

  • In order to fork an existing project
    • Make sure you fist click "Copy" button to create a personal copy to modify.
    • Then click Settings -> Machine to choose a machine and
    • Click Settings -> Software and choose ScikitLearn from the dropdown menu. In the empty text box, type the name of the input python script (*.py).
  • In order to create a new project from scratch
    • Click on Model Library -> My Models
    • Click on + button on top left corner

To see detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use ScikitLearn on Kogence free cloud supercomputing platform [click here].

ScikitLearn Versions on Kogence

  • Version 0.19.0