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Kogence Perks

With over 30,000 researchers, Kogence is the fastest growing community of engineers and scientists. We need your help. If you are a subject mater expert and align with our mission of advancing science, Kogence can offer a great opportunity for you to share and show case your expertise. In appreciation for your gesture Kogence offers handsome perks. You can opt for either free compute credits, free access to commercial software or registration fee sponsorship for any conference of your choice that is relevant to scientific modeling or high performance computing.

We are requesting community help in following to areas:

  1. Benchmarking models: We would like to benchmark all applications available on Kogence against performance achievable on state-of-the-art private, public or government clusters.
  1. Application maintenance and support: Kogence is a containerized HPC platform. All applications are deployed in containers. Kogence provide automatic compose service, meaning various containers can be used with each other to create custom software stacks needed for any particular modeling needs. If you are creator of scientific simulator or a subject mater expert and would like to help, please contact us.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss further.