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Kogence Will Support You

If you are teaching an engineering or science course that requires HPC resources, we will support you. Please check our service packs here. Team Plans are most appropriate for classroom teaching. Once you purchase a Kogence Team Plan for all your students simulation needs for first session (annual, semester, quarter), we will provide you same amount of resource credits for your next session for free. If your needs increase in the next session you can of course purchase additional computing credits.

Kogence is designed ground-up with collaboration in mind. Students groups can privately share their work with each other as well as with the supervisor. Students can login from anywhere and continue their work. If you are teaching an online course then Kogence will be very attractive option for you. You don't need to setup any VPN access to your off-campus students and students don't need to be on-campus to be able to use HPC resources for their projects. There is no setup involved.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss further.