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R&D Applications

HPC and Big Compute is extensively used in academic research. Availability of massively scalable -- horizontal (i.e. different node types, storage, networking, RAM, different applications) and vertical (i.e. 1 node versus thousands) -- HPC capability will help accelerate your state-of-the-art research whether you work in semiconductors, materials, chemistry, chip design, drug discovery, biology, finance, economics. Kogence offers all popular application to be used with our autoscaling HPC cluster. For full list of available applications, see You can also deploy your own application and/or other applications of your choice at no extra fees.

Kogence Grants

Kogence founders are grateful to having their own research extensively funded by public research grants. We want understand how important this is in modern university research programs. We have faced first hand how difficult it is get time on government clusters even with your research proposal being accepted to receive the grant. More over, getting your own custom application on public clusters can be months long challenge.

Kogence was founded to solve these challenges and lend a hand to advance science and engineering. If you are a principal investigator receiving a public or private research grant, Kogence can help you get most value from your grant. We will not-only match the cost of the computing resource you are being granted but will also offer same amount of compute credits in your personal Kogence account that you can use either from grant research or for any other purpose. With Kogence you will get twice the computing power for same grant dollars. Please contact us to discuss further.

Kogence Experiments

If you are not sure if Kogence is right for your high performance computing you can apply for Kogence Experiments. Thanks to generous support from our partners Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Dassault System's and Siemens, we will fully sponsor your Kogence Experiment. You will need to make a proposal detailing what you would like to do, what software applications would you need, what problem you are trying to solve and what you would like to learn from Kogence Experiment. We will provide you with 3 months of sponsorship as well as a dedicate support engineer. We will do a biweekly review with you at your convenience. At the end of your Kogence Experiment, you will be obliged to make your Kogence Experiment public and write a detailed project wiki detailing what experiments you ran and what you learned out of it. Please contact us to discuss further.