Near field 3D spatial optical field profiles inside a layer of amorphous silicon with nano-holes backed with a metal reflector

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We consider a 200nm thick layer of a-Si backed by a perfect electric conductor. A square periodic array of circular holes are opened in the film with 50% duty cycle. Linearly polarized plane wave of light is normally incident from ambient.

Model Results

JobT44-Figures-data fig test-Figure1.png

Software Used



Kogence Optical Scattering Suite (KOSS) is a set of massively parallel, stable and efficient implementations of various formulations of Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA), Fourier Modal Method (FMM), S-matrix, Normal Vector Field algorithms and inverse S-matrix algorithms. KOSS is a frequency domain wave optics simulator, i.e it rigorously solves Maxwell equations in frequency domain for both space and time variables. Because of massively parallel capabilities, KOSS allows scientists to scan millions of parameter values, do structure optimization against virtually arbitrary design targets or use popular frameworks such as TensorFlow or Torch for inverse optical designs.

For more details see KOSS .