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Permission Settings

  1. Public Models: Any registered user can make copies of any Public model or edit wiki pages of Public models. After making a copy they can also download files from models. Authors of models get scholarly credits and citations for linked publications as copies are made.
  2. Private Models: Private models are accessible only to you and your collaborators. Private models can be copied only by a model "admin". Model "user" cannot copy Private models.
  3. All collaborators get view permission by default.
  4. Execute permission requires edit permission as well.
  5. Execute permission can only be assigned to a user who has access to software license, if needed.
  6. Execute permission allows collaborators to execute models using either shared compute plan purchased under a team subscription or using individual compute plans (free or purchased) of each collaborators.
  7. Collaborators with execute permission can share remote interactive display screen of model that is currently being run by pressing "Visualize" button on their individual browsers.

Admin Privileges

  1. Model admin can add other collaborators to models and change any collaborator's role from "admin" to "user" and vice-versa.
  2. Model admin can also change a private model to public and vice-versa.
  3. Model admin can also create new copies of a private model. Non-admin model collaborators cannot make copies of private models. Any registered user can make copies of a public model.