Container Cloud HPC

Run massive simulations on self scaling infrastrcuture.

Density of States and Fermi Surface of Ni

Quantum Espresso simulation of bandstructure of Ni.

Photoexcitation of Pyrazine

Multi Configuration Time Dependent Hartree (MCTDH) simulation of photo excitation in pyrazine.

Cohesive Zone Model of Mixed Mode Debonding.

Comsol implementation of a cohesive zone model with a bilinear traction-separation law.

3D Spatial Optical Field Profiles

User of Fourier Modal Method to simulate optical field profiles in a thin-film with an array of nano holes.

Surface Fitting to Biopharmaceutical Data

Matlab data fitting model to fit custom equation response surface to a set of biopharmaceutical data.

Regularization in Multilayer Perception

Multilayer perception using feedforward artificial neural network.

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Mobile Supercomputing

Fire simulations on 96 CPU Intel Xeon Scalable Platinum nodes from your mobile phone. Or use 40,000 NVIDIA Volta V100 CUDA cores with a touch on your iPad. Interact latency free with remote cloud graphics just like you do on your workstation.

Private Collaboration

Add collaborators to your private projects and control what they can do and what resources they can use. Increase visibility and citation to your published research papers by linking them to your computational models on Kogence.

Rapid Innovation

Use any popular scientific simulation environment within a few clicks. Search and fork public repository of models across multiple domains. No need to waste weeks installing and configuring software and starting from textbook examples.